My art project, “How are you feeling today?” Is a collaborative art project for the Las Vegas community. 


My vision is to create a collaborative art piece with the help of the Las Vegas Community entitled, “How do you feel today?” The main theme of the project is “COMPASSION”.  


This art project is comprised of two parts and combines audience participation and input, media, performance, body painting, an art exhibition and a hand-drawn animated film.  


I wish to raise funding to perform and document the art project in it’s entirety and present it as a film. I performed this exhibition at Emergency Arts in Downtown Las Vegas on June 2016 for the Small Space Festival. I am now planning a repeat performance using new material in December 2016.


This second performance will take place at Downtown Las Vegas, and I will be documenting the entire process as well as the performance itself.


“How are you feeling today?” invites the audience to mock Doctor Check-ups. A Mock doctor’s office's will be designed in the gallery space, featuring artwork designed to emulate a doctor’s office. Visitors will be asked to “Take a number”, sign in, they will then only be referred as “Patient Number__”.  


The doctors will ask questions about the patient's health and emotional state. The patient will then be given a sheet of blank paper from the doctor.  

The doctors will then ask patients to please draw their own current state. The patients will hand their drawings back to the doctors.


I will animate the patients’ drawings as animated film during the next few months (January through March). The film screening is scheduled for Spring 2017. Patients will then be introduced to their hand-drawn art as film. This is the important part of the project this is when compassion themes will be introduced.

My project shows that compassion is needed for the health of the community and is currently lacking in many of your institutions. As we become more tech and media influenced, it is important to take a step back and view how this media, including social media, influences our feeling of community and our views towards one another as a community.  We all can relate to going to a doctor’s office for wellness or physical health. We all know how uncompassionate and detached the experience can be. My vision is to illustrate literally that when the community works together as one, it can keep itself healthy. My project raises the question, can the community set the tone and dialogue for health and wellness rather than have the institutions playing the leading role. The art the community creates is the “voice.” I also have reached out to the local political and mental health institutions. The local democratic party offices and mental institution professionals have already expressed a strong interest in my art project. They have expressed interest in attending the second performance this December. I think what is resonating with the professionals is the vision of the community coming together as a whole.  I also feel that aside from the societal and psychological ideas being presented, this project has great artistic value. From a purely artistic standpoint, meaning appreciation of art for the sake of art, the unique interdisciplinary style of the art exhibit and performance itself is something that promotes artistic and cultural depth in the community.  This is a collaborative art piece and can not work without the community. I’m using performance, art, film and most of all the spectator to create this art.

My project shows that compassion is needed for the health of the community and is currently lacking in many of your institutions.

Cristina Natsuko Paulos © 2017

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