"THE MIRROR TWINS Series" Pop Contemporary

Who are the Mirror Twins?


I often don’t like to reveal too much about my paintings of the twins. I feel that as a Woman, … there is some parts of us that always lives a “little girl that lives in the the balance of dualities… worlds”

-Cristina Natsuko Paulos


Although the Mirror Twins are shown as sisters, they represent the sometimes fractured parts of my mind.


Because I like to create art that shows balance - whether between light and dark, madness and sanity, fear and courage, and so on - the Mirror Twins give me the opportunity to explore that balance within myself visually.  I can then combine the exploration of my mind, often influenced by Western and Eastern pop culture and values, fairy tales, and early childhood development.


I use cartoon design features to draw people in so that they’re able to be comfortable enough to explore uncomfortable topics.



"Down the Rabbit hole..." and "In the Shadow" series

This series uses more traditional narrative visual story telling.  In the dark there is always light…. We are all slaves to something, whether it’s your diagnosis of illness, a person or object or something as negative thoughts. Thoughts can run like wild-fire.  Fears of being trapped, or being unable to escape once an attachment. Sometimes it feels like the only way to be free is to have a big wave or force wash it all away and start over, hoping that the important, non-monster parts of yourself stay intact.  In my work, I often draw the mirror twins naked except for socks because of feelings of vulnerability combined with a small reassurance.  What can go wrong when you’ve got warm socks on?

"The Language of Flowers" and "The Galaxic Cosmic Orgy Formations" series

 A more abstracted series exploring the thoughts of creation, the big bang and love.  How mysterious the languages of all nature and creation is....

"Stay Seated" series

A Playful series exploring the female feminism... from silence, gender roles, symbols in: culture, mannerism and values

Cristina Natsuko Paulos © 2017

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