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Follow your heart’s content of January

I decided to relaunch a blog. Welcome 2020, my theme of 2020 be as thrift as possible with art making, no money spend on any art supplies, no art open calls that requires a entry fee, no Art fairs or booths, and spending as little as I can with art websites and internet tools As I can.

My first experiment with this will be looking at Saatchi Art.

I decide on looking at this first art online selling platform. It’s totally free to make a profile and for the art sales you will receive 65 percent of the sale. Now for non-artists this might seem a low percentage. But as an artist that sold through galleries, fairs and pop ups. It seems fair. No small business owner wants to have the nightmare of building your own e-commerce site.

For one year..starting this January, I am going to journal and review the Saatchi Art format platform. I launched a profile on saatchi a few years ago, but didn’t spend time using it or selling art through it. I did get email messages of people interested in my work, but the follow through process is still a work in process. I did research selling art on Saatchi advice on YouTube videos. I found the videos negative with the reviews and the artists seem to have a chip on there shoulder. Even with the negative reviews of the platform on youtube... I decided to try Saatchi for one year. why not!

Saatchi is a free platform to use and you can list as much art as you like. The e-commerce side of the sales looks also very safe. I met many artists at their “other Art fairs” in the past and seem happy with the results at Saatchi.

Back to selling artwork online. When the internet was new and the Wild West was very easy was to sell art online. Listing art items on, zazzle, youtube , big cartel was really great and easy. But today you are fighting with an meta codes, and search rhymes (not a tech person sorry) the idea of a cool staff curators that select content once before is gone. This is the same that happened with YouTube when content was curated by a staff ... today it’s a search party of a computer bot. Ah, the rabbit hole of content you get from the youtube searches today ...

During the early 2000’s. I was a young art student and working. I didn’t really spend the time building my own art content trying to build a business with my art. Back then did any one know what the internet was? Many lost money with trying to build original quality programing while many made a fortunes from a simple ad in a spam banners ....

I‘m promising myself not to get full of discontent like other artists. I personally have my own personal story of my journey as an artist. With that said ... I’ve become resilient person with personal downturns, that following my heart is why I’m still pushing on as an art peddler ... lol

here we go .... January 2020 ... month one!

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