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National Burn survivor’s Week , My story PART 1

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Burn Survivors Awareness week, is a week where victims share their stories and raise awareness of burns prevention.  Our “cautiomary tales“ is hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else in the future. My tale is to help others fight against “police brutalities” in our communities.  we look to teach cops safer ways to interact with our community during emergencies situations we also look on for a more compassionate mental health system.

In Summer 2011, I received 2-3 degree burns on the left sides of my body: thigh, leg, butt, breast and a small area of blister scars on my left cheek and nose.  My scars were from the results of police negligence and battery of brutality. The accident was on the property of the Palms hotel. My day was supposed to be spent with my sister and friends at a palm‘s pool.  Instead it was a nightmare, I was held by aggressive force on the burning asphalt of a Las Vegas triple digit temperatures. This was from a misunderstanding after a car accident. I was not acting myself, after my car was completely totaled. I also believe, I had a bad reaction from withdrawals of a depo shot (birth control method) and with additional modern life stresses.   With these factors, I was later diagnosed with “bipolar disorder”. Though bipolar is fairly common, it is said to affect 1 to every 100 people during their life. The title of “mental ill woman” will be completely shadowing my life, as I continue to pursue my personal life and professional life as a working artist. 

For the next 8 years,  I will be affected by life-long physical scarring from burn scars.  But the mental trauma of ptsd and ongoing abuses from mental health care. This will include sexual assault and the pain of over-medicated and uncompassionate health system.  

I included a photograph gallery of my scars, as well as my self portrait I will painted in 2012.

Personal artwork, self portrait:

”self portrait, your shroud of turin ( the crucifixion)”, mixed media on fabric, 2011

This piece will later influence an art show which will include

Experiments with body painting and paintings. The show was entitled “ beneath the surface”.

Please stay turned to part 2...

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