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Reflecting on nature

Living in Las Vegas I felt a loneliness, the dry climate creates allergies discomfort in my ears and skin. I am also a burn scar survivor, and anyone with scaring knows it’s itchy and hot. As you can image, I often stay away from loud places as the noise often stresses me, with ear sensitivity. My ears are always a sensitive for me too. Sometimes I think that my artwork has a reflections of itchy discomfort skin and ear Pressure. I often use a lot of empty space in my artwork ... with burst of chaotic uncontrollable paint applications in my painting.

The places I found peace, is the beautiful nature spots that las Vegas has to offers. Places like Red Rock, Lake Mead and close by the california Mojave‘s desert hot springs. I still have allergies but you can hear your own breath in the contrast of wind sound and it’s nice feeling. Just make sure you are out at the right climate time of the year.

I do find nature a very difficult thing to translate into a visual form. I often look into philosophies of Japanese flower arrangement “ikebana” to apply into my art making. Start with many many elements shapes, color and lines ... and then remove and remove using gesso to ghost out my previous markings.

Here‘s a few nature studies, I created over time.

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