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Puppet Work

I was first introduced to puppetry during my artistic studies at California Institute for the Arts.  I worked with musicians, designers and directors to create original puppet based performances. I am continuing to explore the art form.

"The Butchermen"

Conceived and directed by

Jeanette Oi-Suk Yew


Designed and Drawn by Cristina Paulos

This is a toy theater adaptation of a contemporary fairy tale with the same title by Seattle playwright and writer Bret Fetzer. Toy Theater is a form of puppetry that has its roots in 1800s Europe and is often referred to as model theater or paper theater. One of the prominent features of this form of puppetry is its miniature scale.  This production featured a proscenium opening of about 4'-0" by 3'-0" tall.


based on Amy Bender’s short story “Loser” from her best selling book “Girl in the Flammable Skirt”


Conceived, Adapted and Directed by Torry Blend


Art Painted and drawn by Cristina Paulos

"The Monkey and Crab" (based on the Classic Japanese Fairytale)


Performed for the Las Vegas’ Asian American Cultural Festival, part of cultural outreach project funded by the Nevada Art Council


Conceived, directed, designed and drawn by Cristina Paulos


Artistic Build by Dominik Krzanowsk

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